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  • In A Portable Egypt, Catherine Madsen explodes the platitudes and dogmas of both sides of the contemporary abortion debate. The characters, caught in the ethical and emotional friction between religion and civil rights, behave in ways that contradict their own opinions. The choices demanded of them by other people, and by their own conflicts between belief and desire, are painful, ironic, sometimes suffocating, and sometimes outright dangerous.
  • The Bones Reassemble is an incisive and groundbreaking interdisciplinary critique of modern liturgical language. Catherine Madsen believes that liturgy has enormous potential importance as a verbal distillation of the modern condition and as a means of reordering consciousness toward responsive imagination
  • For readers skeptical about religion but drawn to ritual, In Medias Res offers a liturgical cycle for the seasons and for life passages, sketching a religion of nature in which nature is vulnerable to history. Unlike many books of ritual for skeptics, the focus is not on rational statements of belief but on artistic coherence – language and action that will continue to yield meaning over time.