Catherine Madsen

Essays by Catherine Madsen


Kitsch And Liturgy - Tikkun March/April 2001

If God Is God She Is Not Nice - Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion v. 5, no. 1, Spring 1989

And Thy God My God - 1991

Love Songs to the Dead: The Liturgical Voice As Mentor and Reminder
                                                                                     Cross Currents, Summer 1998, Vol. 48 Issue 4.

Intellectual Light, Cross Currents, Fall 1999, Vol. 49 Issue 3.

In The Dark Speech of Praise and Birth: The Prints of Judith Anderson.
                                                                                      Cross Currents, Summer 1999, Vol. 49 Issue 2.

 The Thin Thread of Conversation: An Interview With Mary Daly,
                                     Cross Currents, Fall 2000, Vol. 50  Issue 3.

The Common Word: Recovering Liturgical Speech, Cross Currents, Summer 2002, Vol. 52,  No 2.

Notes On God's Violence, Cross Currents, Summer 2001, Vol. 51,  No 2

A Durable Fire CrossCurrents, Fall 2004, Vol. 54,  No 3.